Jennifer Beck

As a physiotherapist focused on oncology rehab and exercise, Jen has been working with cancer warriors and survivors exclusively for 10 years.  She has been privileged to work with hundreds of strong clients withall types and stages of cancer. She has been a leader of the Cancer Exercise Program at Wellspring Cancer Center since 2009, has helped develop and lead other community programs, and has worked one on one with clients working through the side effects of cancer and its treatments. Jen has also been involved in instructing courses to prepare other health care professionals to work in this field.

Sport and active pursuits, including paddling, skiing, running, yoga, hiking and biking, have always been an important part of her life. She sees physical activity as healing and empowering, and wants to ensure that people who have faced cancer and its side effects, can reap the many benefits of movement and exercise, safely and confidently.

She is excited to join the Head to Foot Oasis Health Center team, which is able to offer women comprehensive rehab services through and beyond their breast cancer treatments. Breast cancer physiotherapy can help women; post surgery, before and following radiation treatments, manage side effects of chemotherapy and hormone therapy, and treat lymphedema. Some specific individualized rehab treatments include:
 Hands on therapy for range of motion, tightness and pain
 Myofascial release of tight connective tissue post radiation
 Cording treatment
 Exercise guidelines and instruction for your specific situation
 Manual lymphatic drainage massage
 Compression garments for swelling
 Kinesio taping for swelling