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17 Feb

Love your feet

After you completed your Valentine’s Day shopping and running around for all your loved ones, take some time to ‘be good to yourself and love your feet.’  Do something special for yourself by making sure to follow 5 healthy tips to take care of your feet:   Check your feet daily for any cuts or […]


25 Jan

Maintaining Your January Motivation

Many of us start with the best of intentions to get back in shape in January.  Studies show a huge upswing in January gym membership sign-ups, but sadly only 1/5 will still be going regularly by the end of February.  Here are my top five tips to make sure you succeed with your resolution of […]


20 Dec

Are you sore after a long day of work?

It’s probably the number one question I am asked by my clients.  When I first started my career as a registered massage therapist I would often feel sore after a few long days in a row.  It can be physically exhausting work at times and after six or seven straight hours of massage you’ve likely […]


25 Nov

Fungal Feet Infections 101

What you need to know about Athlete’s Foot and how to treat it If you think of the word Fungus, it doesn’t sound pleasant at all and you might be thinking that it grows in soiled areas around your yard or outdoor shed.  Well, let me tell you that fungal infections do occur in our […]


26 Feb

I survived Cancer…. Now what?

When it comes to my practice, I’ve been told I’m often considered the “last resort therapist”. When clients come into my treatment room and I ask how they found me or why they’re visiting, I usually hear it’s when they’re searching for answers after surviving one of life’s toughest battles: cancer.   While science has […]


27 Dec

Fighting Back with Cancer Rehabilitation Programs

After seven years of treating cancer patients, I have learned that for most patients, more attention is paid to the treatment of the disease itself, through medications like chemotherapy, with little attention paid to exercise and rehabilitation. Yet, the power of healthy living does not only help to complement treatment through traditional medicine. I know […]


5 Nov

Who Needs Compression Stockings?

You might be surprised at how many people you know who would benefit from receiving compression stockings and socks. In addition to helping treat conditions such as diabetes and lymphedema, compression stockings are helpful and often necessary additions to many people’s wardrobe. Compression socks work because of their special design. They are made up of […]


21 Sep

Compression sock; medical benefits but now fashionable too

The benefits of compression socks and garments are simple, but tremendous.  They help improve blood flow, increase energy levels, reduce swelling and muscle soreness, and improve removal of Lactic Acid to reduce “the burn”.   Whether you use compression socks, support stockings, or compression stockings, odds are you are referring to the same type of […]