12 Sep

Are you sick of being sick?

School is back in session, summer vacation has ended and we are spending less time in the sun. We are thrown back into the juggling act of work, school, extracurricular activities and more.


15 Jan

Keep Motivated – Be Good to Yourself in Sweet 2016

Here are some tips to help you succeed with your resolution of regular exercise, and being good to yourself in Sweet Sixteen.


19 Apr

Skipping into Spring

This time of year brings back fond memories of getting out and skipping with my friends.   Watching anxiously until the side walks and ground became free of snow, Running and finding the rope behind the boots in the closet and getting out and jumping! Echoes of “Blue bells cockle shells Easy Ivy Over”   My […]


16 Apr

Digital Devices Detox

More and more Canadians are finding it difficult to detach themselves from their phones and computers.  Bit by bit these seemingly innocent devices have invaded our lives and some people are looking at ways to detox from this addiction.   Two docs from CBC Doc Zone can open your eyes.  “Are we digital dummies?” and  […]


17 Feb

Love your feet

After you completed your Valentine’s Day shopping and running around for all your loved ones, take some time to ‘be good to yourself and love your feet.’  Do something special for yourself by making sure to follow 5 healthy tips to take care of your feet:   Check your feet daily for any cuts or […]


2 Jan

Be Good to yourself in 2015!

3…..2…..1…… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! So as we jump into 2015, how many of you made New Year’s resolutions?  How many of you are still sticking to those resolutions?  Even more importantly, how many of you have chosen a resolution that puts your wellbeing first?  In a society where we focus on being good to others, […]