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19 Apr

Skipping into Spring

This time of year brings back fond memories of getting out and skipping with my friends.   Watching anxiously until the side walks and ground became free of snow, Running and finding the rope behind the boots in the closet and getting out and jumping! Echoes of “Blue bells cockle shells Easy Ivy Over”   My […]


16 Apr

Digital Devices Detox

More and more Canadians are finding it difficult to detach themselves from their phones and computers.  Bit by bit these seemingly innocent devices have invaded our lives and some people are looking at ways to detox from this addiction.   Two docs from CBC Doc Zone can open your eyes.  “Are we digital dummies?” and  […]


23 Mar

3 Things to Help Slow Degenerative Disc and Osteoarthritis in the Spine

Step One: Stay active to slow the disc degeneration Though the pain associated with disc degeneration can be controlled, there will likely be some level pain experienced. It is important to stay active in order to preserve the functionality that exists. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen, blood and other nutrients back to the disc, […]


20 Mar

Compression Garments to suit your Lifestyle

Compression therapy garments are often associated with post-surgery recovery or with elders suffering from circulation issues. However, this could not be further from the truth. A very diverse range of people from all ages and walks of life could benefit from the added support compression therapy provides.   Discomfort can hinder us from performing daily […]


19 Mar

Let’s get Physical!

Let’s get active this year, not only for our hearts, stress levels and bones but to help reduce the risks of getting some types cancer. There is evidence that exercise can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.?? Exercise may protect against colon cancer and tumor (link is external) growth by balancing our energy […]


12 Mar

Treat the body with your FEET

Did you know that low back pain can start with problems in the feet? The feet are our foundation and the building block of our posture. When things are not functioning properly in the feet then the body tries to compensate higher up the kinetic chain (which includes, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck and head). As those […]


9 Mar

Headaches – Could Your Neck Be the Problem?

Did you know that the position of your head could affect your daily life? The further forward your head is, the more weight it puts on your neck and spine. It has been reported that forward head posture can add up to 30 pounds of leverage on the cervical spine (the neck), which can pull […]


20 Feb

Chocolate – The sweet gift for your body

Chocolate Cacao trees cannot tolerate a temperature lower than 15 ??C (59 ??F). It is important to harvest the pods when they are fully ripe because if the pod is unripe, the beans will have low cocoa butter content, or there will be insufficient sugars in the white pulp for fermentation, resulting in a weak […]


17 Feb

Love your feet

After you completed your Valentine’s Day shopping and running around for all your loved ones, take some time to ‘be good to yourself and love your feet.’  Do something special for yourself by making sure to follow 5 healthy tips to take care of your feet:   Check your feet daily for any cuts or […]


25 Jan

Maintaining Your January Motivation

Many of us start with the best of intentions to get back in shape in January.  Studies show a huge upswing in January gym membership sign-ups, but sadly only 1/5 will still be going regularly by the end of February.  Here are my top five tips to make sure you succeed with your resolution of […]