The Story Of Head To Foot Oasis.

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Natasha Glodon and Kim Boersen-Gladman are two women with a united vision and commitment to health and wellness.

As women, mothers, and medical practitioners with a belief that everyone was created with a body that should perform to its optimal ability, they took their education, matched it with their passion, and created a unique health and wellness clinic that’s setting trends and leading the way in Halton Region.

They first became friends when they were both practitioners at St. John’s Rehab Hospital; Natasha as a popular Chiropodist and Kim as a leading Massage Therapist. Then pregnant with her son, Natasha was in a small car accident that caused her to seek massage therapy. Knowing Kim was an experienced and caring therapist, Natasha sought her help and their friendship grew; as did their respect for each other’s specialties. Although their career road took different paths with Natasha initially launching her own business, and Kim developing the massage therapy program at St. John’s Rehab, they kept in contact.

Knowing that Kim shared similar values in faith, family, and fairness, Natasha asked Kim if she would be open to partnering on building a clinic that would treat people from Head (massage) to Feet (chiropody), and could also serve as a retreat for people in Halton Region. Kim agreed that they could both give that kind of care, and in 2007 a business partnership was born.

As professional women and leaders in their community committed to empowering those to seek better health and wellness, Natasha and Kim understand the value and power of giving back and making a difference for those who are less fortunate. By partnering with Halton Women’s Place – a shelter and support agency in Burlington, Ontario – they support an annual coat drive for women and children. Also after seeing many dear friends and family suffer from brain conditions, Head To Foot Oasis is also a strong supporter of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Outside of Canada, extend their skillset to benefit people in the Caribbean with health conditions. Natasha leads in diabetic outreach for patients in Barbados suffering from the disease; while Kim trains massage therapists on the island by sharing the latest techniques in the industry. They offer their time and expertise as they know they’ve been blessed so they want to share what they’ve learned with others who may have less access to changing trends in the health and wellness industry. In order to meet the changing demands of the population, both Kim and Natasha qualified as certified fitter for compression hosiery and garments. Kim has specialized training in customized lymphedema garments and is an authorized vendor for ADP program.

Located in one of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s fastest growing communities, Head To Foot Oasis is poised to be the “go to” place for health and wellness for years to come. As the practice grows, Natasha, Kim and their team are looking forward to greeting you at the clinic, and giving you a treat from Head To Feet.