Keep Motivated – Be Good to Yourself in Sweet 2016

Many of us start with the best of intentions to get back in shape and take care of ourselves in January. Studies show a huge upswing in January gym membership sign-ups, but sadly only 1/5 will still be going regularly by the end of February. Here are some tips to help you succeed with your resolution of regular exercise, and being good to yourself in Sweet Sixteen.Ready…set…go


Ask yourself these questions before you spring in to action:


  • Do I have Foot Pain when I wake up?
  • Does my back hurt first thing in the morning or at the end of the day?
  • Do my legs ache during my work day?
  • Do I get swelling in my feet by the end of the day?

If it is yes to any of these questions we may can help you at Head to Foot Oasis. Foot Pain can be debilitating. It can be a simple solution such as proper footwear to support the foot or a specialized orthotic to relive pain. If you have pain in the morning it may be a condition called plantar fasciitis, if you have pain at the end of the day it may be functional issue with your foot. Come in for a consult with our chiropodist and get a foot assessment and treatment plan that can get your moving towards your sweet sixteen resolutions.If your back hurts this can also stop you from achieving your new year goals. Get your self ready to start moving by getting a soft tissue treatment. This can be a massage treatment, acupuncture treatment, or even a reflexology treatment. As we work, stand and lift daily our body compensates without us even noticing. As the changes occur some muscles get shortened and others get over stretched. This causes weakness in the tissue and makes you more prone to injury. It is true that regular massage can prevent injury and keep your body moving at its optimum levels.


If your legs are tired and achy at the end of the day you may benefit from compression socks, pants or athletic compression clothing. The benefits of compression socks and other garments are simple. They help improve blood flow, increase energy levels, reduce swelling and muscle soreness, and improve removal of Lactic Acid to reduce “the burn”. With all the new styles, fabrics, and colors available, it has become easier to wear support stockings every day without looking obvious when wearing these special garments. For example, compression stockings for men are typically designed to look like regular men’s dress socks and come in popular colors like black, navy, or khaki. There are no rules stating that you must have the negative symptoms relieved by compression stockings before you can start wearing them, but you should check with your doctor. Standing for a long period of time can cause blood to pool in your feet, while sitting can cause unhealthy constriction of the blood vessels in your legs. The undesirable effects of these conditions can take a while to show, as can the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins. Wearing compression socks regularly can help to prevent or ward off such circulation issues from becoming a problem for you.


Call a friend or drag your spouse to walk around the block. If the gym is intimidating…ummm…avoid the gym. Studies show that 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week fights disease and is an easy way to burn fat and build tone. Spend two minutes in the morning an stretch. Touch your toes, reach for the ceiling, jumping jacks, or lay down with your knees to your chest. All can start your day on the right foot.


For more information on how we can help you keep motivated in sweet 16, come in to Head to Foot Oasis for a free consult. Call today 905-332-6542 or visit us at