Red carpet ready skin…’s in your reach

The city is a buzz with the glitz and glam of the Toronto film festival in full effect. We have all watched the red carpets and though wow….their skin looks amazing, flawless.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to being red carpet-ready, it’s that flawless skin is always in style. Many people make the assumption that beautiful skin is something only “stars” can achieve or is out of reach financially.

Good news that’s not true… We can all improve our present skin condition by simply getting started on the appropriate skin care schedule with professional skincare products. With a little effort you’ll be well on your way to spotlight-worthy skin. A routine that consists of the basics, wash tone and moisturizer will do wonders to get your skin looking better in weeks.

Using the appropriate products for your type of skin type at the specific time of year is also very important. Skin changes with age, hormones, the seasons, diet and stress level to name a few. Facials are great and will make instant changes to your appearance freshening and clearing pore of black and white head but home care is the more important in maintaining the effects of the facial and helps you achieve that healthy glow every day.

As Dr. DuP??r?? often says: “Your skin is the best outfit you can wear!”
Lights! Camera! Action! Now you’re ready for your big premier!