Get in the Spirit of the Pan AM Games this summer with Performance Clothing for the whole family

You can start to see the excitement grow around the GTA for the anticipated 2015 Pan Am games.   This is big for us humble Canadians as the world will have a glimpse of our great city and surrounding area. Not only will our pride beam over the summer it also has sparked interest in increasing physical activity and getting out there and being active.

Meeting with my friends for book club with wine in hand has changed to …lets go for a bike ride or do have you heard of Touch mudder…do you want to train with me.  I love the mind set that comes with spring in the air.


So now I am going to put down my book, start exercising and get fit. Where do I begin. I have been a compression garment fitter for four years and I get really excited when I see someone jogging with high socks which I quickly identify as compression socks.  Well companies have seen the benefits for performance socks and now they have created compression clothing.


• Fight Muscle cramps
• Boost Performance
• Improve endurance
• Improve muscle control
• Increase Flexibility
• Reduce soreness
• Protect from UV damage


Athletic 8 is the best clothing line that I have found to do all of the above. It is equipped with 20 mmHg compression which is considered a medical grade compression.  It also has four way stretch so it wont contict only support your body as it moves.   I have my 10 year old daughter playing soccer in the long sleeve shirt and Contrast seemed shorts. I have one client use footless performance socks when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and I have other clients who swear that they have more strength and endurance in pilates class.  It is really exciting to shed the medicinal myth that compression = grannies beige thick leggings and now you can look and feel your best in style.


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