Skipping into Spring

This time of year brings back fond memories of getting out and skipping with my friends.   Watching anxiously until the side walks and ground became free of snow, Running and finding the rope behind the boots in the closet and getting out and jumping! Echoes of “Blue bells cockle shells Easy Ivy Over”


My daughter learnt at age 6.  Her and her friend tied a rope off next to the house and one of them jumped while the other turned the rope. The beauty is you can have as many participants as you want.  With a little guidance they can go from single rope to two ropes or double-dutch.


It certainly is an activity accessible to all at a minimum cost.  You can still find ropes at your local department stores for less than 10 dollars.  Check out the jumping rhymes that may bring back memories! (link is external)

An idea for your school:  Heart and Stroke Jump Rope for Heart TM encourages kids to get active by skipping rope while they collect pledges for heart disease and stroke research.


Little did we know how great and activity it was for our hearts, bones and body coordination.  We seemed to never tire! Secondary benefits are social interaction, getting on with your friends and just laughing and enjoying yourself!