3 Things to Help Slow Degenerative Disc and Osteoarthritis in the Spine

Step One: Stay active to slow the disc degeneration

Though the pain associated with disc degeneration can be controlled, there will likely be some level pain experienced. It is important to stay active in order to preserve the functionality that exists. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen, blood and other nutrients back to the disc, which increases their overall health. Exercise can also release endorphins, a natural pain-reliever.


Step Two: Reduce Lower Back Stress 

Degenerating discs are typically more painful when the individual is sitting, especially when you are slumped forwards. It is important to correct your posture and use low back support in order to reduce the pressure placed on the lower back.


Step Three: Improve Your Nutrition  

Increasing your overall level of hydration can improve your spinal health. Sipping water throughout the day and reducing the amount of alcohol that is consumed will help increased your overall hydration. Smoking, or any nicotine intake, should be eliminated as it interferes with nutrition for the spinal nerves.

Dr. Amanda Louca is passionate about helping her patients lead a healthier, pain-free life.