Compression Garments to suit your Lifestyle

Compression therapy garments are often associated with post-surgery recovery or with elders suffering from circulation issues. However, this could not be further from the truth. A very diverse range of people from all ages and walks of life could benefit from the added support compression therapy provides.


Discomfort can hinder us from performing daily activities and participating in some of the things we love most. Providing preventable care can determine the condition your body will be left in as you age, so don???t ignore those tired achy leg symptoms and consider compression therapy to treat your pain. If you fall under any of the following occupations or lifestyles, you could benefit from our compression garments or stockings.


Whether you are wrangling in restless children day-in-and-day-out or if you are a college professor, teachers are on their feet for hours at a time. Luckily for teachers, they have a habit of pacing as they lecture and not sitting all day long. The minimal movements can help prevent any swelling or poor circulation, but overall standing for a long time can bring various health risks.


Stylists tend to be stationary at a chair for hours each day. Staying on your feet for a prolonged amount of time can directly reflect on possible circulatory or chronic heart disorders in the future. Also, stylists may have to keep their arm raised in an awkward position that leaves little circulation.


Chefs/ Waitress
Working in the food industry requires employees to operate with a sense of urgency and hustle at all times. The demanding work causes chefs and waitress to move around frequently and stay on their feet all day causing feet problems, lower limb disorders and joint damage for those already suffering from ineffective mobility conditions.


One of the symptoms women encounter during pregnancy is swollen feet. Maneuvering on your feet can bring a lot of discomfort, and if you do not have swollen feet, adjusting to the added addition can make moving about just as distressing. Receiving extra relief will make days easier and decrease unnecessary stress.


Manufacturing /constructions workers
Working in a manufacturing or construction environment calls for a lot of varying elements. Operating on your feet can cause joints to stiffen and circulation to decrease. A lot of heavy lifting and strenuous movements can leave your lower limbs in poor shape. Restricted blood flow, varicose veins, muscle fatigue and increase chance of knee or hip arthritis are all some of the conditions that can result from standing-related health problems.


Athletic Compression garments during exercise??
Compression garments?? during exercise?? improves endurance, Reducing Soreness, Decreasing Blood Lactate, while maintaining Body Temperature and Reducing Muscle Damage


Recovery after active exercise
Low and high impact exercise can leave us fatigue. It is important to keep muscles warm post workout without the shock of a drastic cool down. Also, your muscles will be tighter after a workout, so loosing them up and increasing the circulation can help decrease your chances of stiff and sore muscles. Athletic Compression garments
The more a muscle moves or vibrates, the more energy it consumes. Athletics compression garments apply pressure to the muscle, holding it in place and decreasing muscle oscillation. This has the physiological potential to reduce fatigue and improve recovery.


Men and women who travel a long distant
Sitting in crammed spaces for an extended period of time will result in poor circulation. Swelling will cause discomfort, and although you can take minimal breaks to stretch and walk about, it will not completely eliminate the restriction you find yourself in while traveling long distances.


Men and women who stand on their feet all day
Pushing, pulling, reaching, quick changes in movements and so many other maneuvers can come as a result if your occupation requires you to stand on your feet all day. Muscle fatigue can cause occupation related injuries and reduced productivity due to the amount of discomfort you are functioning in.


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