Love your feet

After you completed your Valentine’s Day shopping and running around for all your loved ones, take some time to ‘be good to yourself and love your feet.’  Do something special for yourself by making sure to follow 5 healthy tips to take care of your feet:


  1. Check your feet daily for any cuts or bruises.  Check in between your toes for any signs of athlete’s foot.  It’s best to detect any concerns early on and have it treated.
  2. Check your toe nails for any discoloration or thickness.  Fungal toe nails are common and should be treated as soon as detected to prevent further deterioration of the nail. If you have concerns, see your Chiropodist today.
  3. If you have any corns or calluses, have them addressed and treated by your chiropodist.  Once your chiropodist treated your calluses, you may use a pumice stone after a shower on your calluses to reduce further built-up.
  4. Moisturize your feet daily if you have rough or dry skin.  Do not put cream in between your toes as it adds moisture and may macerate your skin or lead to a fungal infection.
  5. Trim you toe nail routinely, don’t let them grow too long and cut them straight across to prevent Ingrown toenails.


Our feet are an essential part of our body, as they keep us active and balanced.  Taking care of your feet now will help you in a long run.  Don’t wait to notice the pain and start your healthy foot care now.  See your Chiropodist at Head to Foot Oasis Wellness clinic and feel rest assured that your feet are under great care.  Make your appointment today and call us at (905) 332-6542.