Maintaining Your January Motivation

Many of us start with the best of intentions to get back in shape in January.  Studies show a huge upswing in January gym membership sign-ups, but sadly only 1/5 will still be going regularly by the end of February.  Here are my top five tips to make sure you succeed with your resolution of regular exercise and staying in shape.

1) Get Some Help
The gym is intimidating. If you’re new to the gym or coming back after an extended absence, enlist some help.  Most gyms offer personal trainers that can give you a brief explanation of how to use the equipment or maybe you have a “health-nut” friend who can help you on your first visit.  Alternately, your massage therapist or physio therapist can assist you setting up an exercise plan.

2) Set a schedule
Go regularly.  A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.  Avoid excuses at all costs and keep to your schedule.  You will be rewarded with more energy for the rest of your day.

3) Find something you like to do
There are so many options at today’s fitness centers.  If you’re bored of running, try spinning or swimming. Yoga can be broken up with Pilate’s classes.  Cardio classes now include Zumba, martial arts, and stepping varieties.  Try everything once and continue doing what you enjoy!

4) Phone a friend
Working out with a friend greatly improves a person’s success.  Making plans with someone prevents you from staying on the couch when the weather gets cold or you have a bad day.  It helps with tip #2 and if you find the right person it might help with tip #1.  You’ll have someone to share your successes with as well!

5) Start slow
Start with realistic expectations.  Focus on doing the exercise correctly with lighter weights and maintaining correct form while running or cycling.  Start slow and gradually build on your success adding more weight or speed as you gain experience and results.

Adding massage therapy to any exercise routine will help your muscles stay stretched out and strong.  A good RMT can assist you with motivation, explanation, and setting a good schedule to meet your goals.  See you at the gym!