Be Good to yourself in 2015!

3…..2…..1…… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

So as we jump into 2015, how many of you made New Year’s resolutions?  How many of you are still sticking to those resolutions?  Even more importantly, how many of you have chosen a resolution that puts your wellbeing first?  In a society where we focus on being good to others, how many of us also take time to be good to ourselves?  Why is it that more often than not we don’t take the time to be good to ourselves first?


Don’t you believe that you will be a better parent, work associate and team player if you take care of yourself first?  Of course you will.  At Head to Foot Oasis we are committed to helping you “be good to yourself” first and then you can effectively take care of others.  From Facials, massage treatment, acupuncture and foot care, we really are a retreat from head to feet.


All it takes is one call to find out how you can be good to yourself in 2015. Call Head to Foot Oasis at 905-332-6542.