Are you sore after a long day of work?

It’s probably the number one question I am asked by my clients.  When I first started my career as a registered massage therapist I would often feel sore after a few long days in a row.  It can be physically exhausting work at times and after six or seven straight hours of massage you’ve likely used up your energy for the day.  Three weeks into my career I remember experiencing numbness in my pinky and ring fingers on both hands.  I knew I had been using my thumbs and wrists to manipulate joints and tissues and had obviously caused some compression and inflammation at the nerves travelling through the wrist.  It was a scary thing to experience so quickly into my career.  Over time I have learned better ways to position my body and employ different techniques that cause less wear and tear to my joints and tissues.  I also have a great network of co-workers and friends that will gladly do massage exchanges to keep both our bodies in top form.


I think this can be a good lesson to everyone.  All of us have a career that can place our bodies in awkward and sometimes exhausting positions.  The human body was not made to sit at a desk for eight to ten hours a day with our arms extended staring at a computer screen.  We were not made to sit in traffic for hours every day.  Tradespeople have their own ergonomic issues from climbing, kneeling, lifting, and using their tools all day.  These are things we cannot avoid if we want to provide for ourselves and our families, but we can make changes to keep ourselves healthier.


If you work in an office, ensure your desk is set-up so you have support for your back, your feet are firmly on the floor, and your monitor is at eye level while you are working.  Take a few minutes to get up and walk around every hour. If your therapist has provided you with specific stretches to do, set yourself an outlook reminder in the morning and afternoon so you remember to take the time and do them.  Tradespeople need to be properly trained to perform their specific jobs in the most comfortable position possible, stretch regularly, and always use proper lifting techniques.


Your registered massage therapist is qualified to provide a treatment to help your sore muscles and joints, but what many people don’t know is I’m also trained to provide you with stretches, strengthening exercises, and other home care to help the issues from coming back.  Call now to book your appointment and let me help you get your body working right.


Jeff Moore, RMT