I survived Cancer…. Now what?

When it comes to my practice, I’ve been told I’m often considered the “last resort therapist”. When clients come into my treatment room and I ask how they found me or why they’re visiting, I usually hear it’s when they’re searching for answers after surviving one of life’s toughest battles: cancer.


While science has made leaps and bounds in terms of treating cancer — and our surgeons, oncologists and radiologists are all to be commended, credited and praised for doing their jobs — often patients leave their doors with more questions than answers. What happens after you survive? How can we as patients get back to life when we have so many deep physical, emotional and psychological effects?


I’ve been blessed to hear a lot of stories, but while I am not a psychologist or a physiotherapist, I have been glad to help many people regain control of their life. As a Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist, I help people get answers to questions they’ve had during their journey with the disease.


Your Lymphatic System is the “401” highway of your body. Lymph nodes hold your immunity, remove toxins from your body, and in some ways are your personal “septic system”. After the many treatments associated with fighting cancer, your lymphatic system can become sluggish, damaged and “road blocked”.


When I teach this to patients, they begin to understand the value of lymphatic drainage. By removing toxins, boosting immunity, and in some cases after node removal and radiation, the MLD I perform actually reroutes the lymphatic movement, making it go “around the road block” to push the toxins out.


I see my job as a therapist to not just manage the issue, but to also teach you how to do this yourself, through self-treatment, exercise and nutrition.


On the last Monday of every month, I offer a free talk at Head To Foot Oasis to share the value of MLD. Join us and we’ll work together to get you moving confidently on life’s road.