Who Needs Compression Stockings?

You might be surprised at how many people you know who would benefit from receiving compression stockings and socks. In addition to helping treat conditions such as diabetes and lymphedema, compression stockings are helpful and often necessary additions to many people’s wardrobe. Compression socks work because of their special design. They are made up of strong material that fits tightly at the foot, but relaxes at the knee. The socks then help blood to flow from the legs and feet, which often become swollen, and redirects the blood path back to the heart, which helps contribute to better overall health.

When thinking about birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, these special people in your life may appreciate the gift of comfortable compression socks.



Athletes who visit Head To Foot Oasis say sports compression socks provide benefits for all kinds of athletic activity. For starters, the socks delay muscle soreness until after a workout or a game, allowing athletes to push themselves to their very highest level of performance. After exercise, sports compression socks then increase circulation in the feet, ankles and legs, helping built-up lactic acid to disperse quickly. Runners and other athletes tell us that compression socks provide additional energy and oxygen to the muscles, which allows for a faster recovery from strenuous training, and a quicker turnaround time, allowing them to get back to their game. For more on our products designed to support athletes, check out examples of our selection.


Pregnant Women

Pregnant women expecting a baby don’t only anticipate the joy of a little one. She also expects to experience many changes to her body. Common circulation challenges for pregnant women include spider veins, swollen ankles and varicose veins. With the help of maternity compression stockings, expectant mothers can prevent these occurrences and can instead focus on the joy of impending motherhood. At Head To Foot Oasis, we help women find the right compression socks or stockings that will help them throughout their pregnancy, relieving them of sore legs, and and giving them more energy to welcome their little bundle of joy.


Frequent Flyers

Those of you who truly make the sky your limit may also know that a long airplane flight in a pressurized cabin can often lead to uncomfortable, swollen feet. Forced inactivity for long periods of time can create blood clots in your legs, as well as other circulation problems in the lower regions of the body. At Head To Foot Oasis, we recommend that our frequent flyers use travel compression socks. The socks help to make for a safer and more comfortable flight, while keeping you in better health as you reach your final destination. Head To Foot Oasis has a variety of socks to choose from in our boutique. Click here to see our comfy frequent flyer selection.