Compression sock; medical benefits but now fashionable too

The benefits of compression socks and garments are simple, but tremendous.  They help improve blood flow, increase energy levels, reduce swelling and muscle soreness, and improve removal of Lactic Acid to reduce “the burn”.


Whether you use compression socks, support stockings, or compression stockings, odds are you are referring to the same type of product.  With all the new styles, fabrics, and colors, it has become easier to wear support stockings every day without looking obvious when wearing these special garments.


If you travel, there are a number of benefits to wearing compression socks during your travels.  There’s even something called “economy class syndrome” that refers to the increased risk of blood clots after sitting in the same, cramped positions for an extended period of time.  Wearing compression stockings during travel has been shown to help reduce the risk of developing blood clots or deep view thrombosis.  Also, the increased circulation brought on by compression socks can help lessen the feeling of lower body fatigue, achiness, and soreness post-travel.


If your work requires you to sit or stand in the same place for extended periods of time, wearing compression socks are extremely beneficial.  The graduated pressure provided by compression socks helps bring relief to tired, achy feet and legs.


For years now, pregnant women have enjoyed wearing maternity compression stockings because they help prevent varicose veins brought on by pregnancy.  Maternity compression stockings can also help with other ailments that come about with the increased strain on an expectant mother’s circulation system.  Swelling, leg cramps, and general leg achiness are common in pregnancy, but can be eased through the proper use of compression stockings.


Athletes and sports enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to increase performance and reduce recovery time.  Whether you are an avid runner, soccer player or golfer, more and more men and women are looking towards the regular use of compression socks for that competitive or personal advantage.  The appearance of longer socks on professional athletes is very recognizable at most sporting events today, but what is not as recognizable are the benefits of daily use.


There are no rules stating that you must have the negative symptoms relieved by compression stockings before you can start wearing them, but you should check with your doctor. Standing for a long period of time can cause blood to pool in your feet, while sitting can cause unhealthy constriction of the blood vessels in your legs.  The undesirable effects of these conditions take time to surface, as can the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins.  Wearing compression socks regularly can help to prevent or ward off such circulation issues from becoming a problem.


For more information on compression socks, come in to Head to Foot Oasis Wellness Clinic for a free consult to see if compression socks are a good fit for you.  We have certified fitters on site.